Sunday, 14 January 2018


Honestly, where has this past year gone?! 

I remember sitting down & writing my 26 blog post like it was yesterday, but in fact it was 365 days ago..

2017 was overall, a pretty good year. Let's start with the most life changing event..

Moving Out
I mentioned in last year's post James & I would hopefully be in a house by the time I'm writing this post this year & sure enough, we are now living together, in our own little flat! We moved in on 13th April, just before Easter, complete with all our furniture we'd had in storage for months. We started viewing some properties around the end of February & found our flat a few weeks later. We must have viewed around 5 flats before finding our current one & it couldn't have been in a better location. It's a 10 minute walk to work & town, while still being near friends & family. The only thing we aren't happy about is the parking. Unfortuntely, when we moved in we were told we would have 1 allocated parking space, with access to visitors spaces for our 2nd car. This was infact not the case as residents aren't permitted to use visitor spaces, which has resorted to us parking our 2nd car a few roads away. Not ideal when I'm finishing work at 8.30pm & have to walk in the dark. I tweeted a week or so ago that something extremely exciting had happened that day & our news was we found a new place to rent! James & I will be moving into a house, with 2 parking spaces, garden & 2nd bedroom in April! We are so excited & are counting down the days till we move. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love our little flat & will be extremely sad to move out, but we're definitely ready for a bit more space. 

So James has accomplished alot this year & I couldn't be more proud of him. Firstly, workwise; he started a new job in February at a local kennels & after a couple of months moved up to assistant manager, before starting a new job at the beginning of November as a kennel co-ordinator. He's absolutely loving the role & has a brilliant team of staff behind him. Secondly, we celebrated our 5 year anniversary at the beginning of December. We went to Kingston-Upon-Thames & had a 3-course dinner at the beautiful Warren House. I know we've been together a long time now, but we are still learning & growing together as a couple & it's so nice to know he's had my back this year, through the good times & the bad.

So as well as visiting Kingston for our anniversary, James & I went on holiday for 3 nights to Wales to visit his friend Tom & explore the local area. We stayed in Tenby, which was the most beauitful little town, with a few tourist shops & cafes, right next to the beach. I've honestly never felt so relaxed as I did walking along that beach. We also managed to go to The New Forest in September & we stayed in the cutest little lodge. We also visited Bournemouth & Poole while we were there & I fell in love with Bournemouth beach. I really think I have a thing for coastal destinations! & finally I went to Lanzarote with two of my best friends in August. I can't describe to you how amazing that holiday was. Sun, sea, food & my best girlies, what more can you ask for?

So many wonderful things happened this year; Gemma & Ollie welcomed baby Alice into the world, James & I went to see Craig David which was our first concert together, I went to Maria's hen do & then attended Allan & Maria's wedding, we watched the Sidemen Football Match in Charlton, I held my annual Summer BBQ, Connie the convertible came into my life, James & I visited the Harry Potter Studios, we went banger racing, I had my hair cut into a short bob, my Grandad celebrated his 90th birthday, I bought our first Christmas tree & decorated our flat for our first proper Christmas together & of course all the other amazing things I've mentioned above.

& that finally leads me on to my blog. We've had a few ups & downs this year.. it's the first time I've ever properly felt like blogging was a chore. When we moved in April, I found I just had no time for anything. My life literally became work, cleaning & visiting friends & family, with no time to actually sit down & type. I also didn't really want to. I found myself blogging just because I didn't want to break the habit. I also value my Life Lately posts so much as it means I can write posts like these & look back over the previous year, so I knew pushing myself to keep doing them would be worth it in the end. Over the last few months though, I've felt a bit more connected with my writing & hopefully that can progress over the next year.

So that's it lovelies, on Tuesday I turn 27 & I'm actually ok with that. Ask me again in 3 years time & I'll probably be running for the hills.. but for now.. did someone say chocolate cake & prosecco.. ;D

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Life Lately #141

It feels like Christmas was so long ago! Especially as James has his birthday so soon afterwards (1st Jan) & we celebrated the New Year & we're now planning my birthday! It all goes by so quick.

On 23rd December, we had our yearly friends Christmas do at Elisa & Jamie's. This year, instead of everyone bringing a dish individually, they cooked the entire meal themselves! Complete with this amazing cocktail to start. We swapped Secret Santa presents & ate waaay too much food! I always love going to this every year, they really are the greatest group of friends a girl could ask for.

Christmas is always a bit of a whirlwind for us. We travel to family every day, starting with James' mum & partner Barrie for Christmas Eve. We travelled down as soon as I finished work at 6pm for an evening of food, games & presents. They had 2 french families staying for Christmas Day, so we had tons of food & drink! I managed to make my way through a whole bottle of champagne! We left just after midnight & headed back to our flat.

What made this year extra special was we woke up on Christmas Day in our own place. I've absolutely loved decorating & making the space our own this year. We bought a Christmas tree at the beginning of December & it was lovely to add presents underneath throughout the month. We opened our presents to each other early Christmas Day before heading to my Grandparents' for lunch.

We always have a full roast dinner at lunch time on Christmas Day & this year was no exception. My family completely spoiled us this year!

& finally Boxing Day was spent at James' Dad & Maria's house with extended family. We ate way too much again & played lots of games. I'm so rubbish at most games, I usually end up last! Hahaha, but it's fun none the less.

We celebrated James' 24th birthday last weekend, starting with a meal at my parents' on Friday & we went to Globalls in Brighton for the afternoon on Sunday & played 2 rounds of golf. If you've never heard of Globalls, have a look at some of the pictures on their website! It's such a brilliant concept & really inexpensive. I actually won the 1st round & came 2nd overall, so not bad at all!

We then went out for dinner at our local chinese, which put on a special New Years Eve menu. It was brilliant for trying dishes you'd never normally order. Complete with a glass of champagne, it went down a treat! We then headed back to Allan & Maria's for fireworks to see in the New Year.

On New Year's Day / James' actual birthday, we spent the day with family. We visited Allan & Maria for the afternoon, then headed to Valerie's for dinner & games.

James got given a new board game for Christmas called Labyrinth from Alex & Charl & I'm obsessed with it! We played it on James' birthday & every night since! Like I say, I'm not brilliant at games, but this one is so much fun.

& finally, now the week of celebrations has come to an end, last Tuesday, we went to see Pitch Perfect 3 at the cinema & it was hilarious. Quite a far-fetched storyline though.. let me know if you've seen it & thought the same!

How has January been for you so far lovelies? Do you have any resolutions?

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year!

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Sunday, 31 December 2017

November & December Favourites

If you follow me on Instagram, you're probably sick to death of seeing this advent calendar! If not, then keep an eye out for my blog post coming in January, reviewing all the bits I got! I've absolutely loved opening this every day through-out December & I'm extremely sad it's finished.

If I had a life time favourites, candles would feature for sure, but this month I've fallen back in love with Yankee Candles. James & I were kindly gifted a pine scented one at the beginning of December from my mum & we've already burnt through it! I'm so sad, but perfect timing to say goodbye to Christmas & start a fresh for the New Year.

Blood Orange Bodyspray
This was one of the items I got in my advent calendar & I've been wearing it most days since opening it. It smells so Christmassy & not surprisingly.. quite orangey! Who wouldn't want to smell like a chocolate orange at Christmas time?!

I mean, nothing beats a red lip at Christmas time. It just completes every outfit in my eyes & makes you look like you've put in so much more effort than you actually have! This one from Clinique is never far away from my lips, it's such a lovely formula.

Matte Pink Lipstick
I've never bought anything from the brand Stila before, but loved the look of their products, especially the lipsticks. When this one popped out of my advent calendar, I was so excited! I started wearing it the next day & haven't taken it off my lips (apart from when I'm wearing the Clinique red lipstick!) 

Mince Pies & Cheese
I mean, not together obviously, but who doesn't love a mince pie & cheese & crackers at Christmas! I've lost count of what I've consumed this year.. oops!


Vampire Diaries 
James & I have started watching this from the beginning & are loving it. I'd watched up to season 5 a few years ago, but forgotten so much of it! 


Grandad celebrated his 90th birthday in the middle of November! 

James & I celebrated our 5th anniversary with a trip to Kingston-Upon Thames.

As well as meeting up with friends & family in December, the girls & I went to Wakehurst Place for the Glowalk, we had a group meal at Elisa & Jamie's & I organised our work Christmas do at Bills. It has definitely been a month of eating, drinking & social gatherings!

& finally, it was Christmas! From start to finish, Christmas is always so busy. James & I started off with Christmas Eve at Valerie & Barrie's, my Grandparents' on Christmas Day & then Boxing Day at Allan & Maria's. I still haven't managed to sort through all my presents yet as it was so manic, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

How was your Christmas'? Hope you all had a lovely time however you celebrated & I hope you all have a very Happy New Year! : )

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Friday, 22 December 2017

Life Lately #140

Hello lovelies,

Sometimes with these life update posts, it takes me ages to fill them, but this month has been so manic, with events & social gatherings, it was pretty easy to get this one together so soon after my previous one!

Last Friday morning, I visited my friend Lorna at her new place. It was so lovely to have a catch up with her over a cup of tea & a shortbread. I absolutely loved her new place & it's the perfect area for exploring which I know she loves to do. We exchanged Christmas presents, I opened mine early as she explained I'd enjoy it more on the lead up to Christmas. How adorable is it!? James & I have placed it right by the door as you enter our flat so it's the first thing you see : )

I also caught up with Shez on the Friday afternoon. (Friday was so manic as I literally went straight to work after the socials!) We had a tea & swapped pressies. I actually wanted to desperately write this post to tell you what she got me, as she was seriously paranoid I wouldn't like it, but I love it. It's a massive pug canvas, which matches perfectly with our pug cushions at home. I need to find the perfect place for him to live, but at the moment he's residing under the Christmas tree!

As I said, after meeting the girlies, I headed to work for Christmas Jumper Day! I blogged a few weeks back showing you my favourite red jumpers from the high street this year & I purchased the Dachshund one from Tesco! I absolutely love it so much, definitely wearing it for Christmas day!

On Saturday, the girls & I travelled to Wakehurst Place for the Glow-Wild Lantern Walk. We booked our tickets way back in September, as it sold out almost immediately last year. The walk itself was quite muddy, but absolutely beautiful. It took you through the grounds of the house & actually into the house at the end, with lots of little photo opportunities on the way. They had some hot chocolate, waffles & marshmallow stands at the end, which smelt incredible. Definitely recommend going if your local. 

James & I had a day off together last Sunday, so we spent the day wrapping & watched Love Actually in the evening. It's my favourite Christmas film & I couldn't wait to watch it this year, I actually might try & watch it again in the next few days if I have time..

So, I started organising our work Christmas meal back in September & on Wednesday it all came together. This year we decided to go to Bills in our local town, for a 3 course meal. It was so delicious, I couldn't fault it! I'm so lucky to work with such amazing people, I couldn't do the job I do without them.

& finally I spent yesterday with mum, wrapping the last few pressies & trying on Christmas jumpers with the dogs. Just look at Honey! She is going to look extremely festive on Christmas day!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas & Happy New Year if you celebrate it! : )

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

What I've Been Wearing On My Nails #44

Bourjois - Black Glitter
These were actually my Halloween nails this year, however I still think they are perfect for Christmas! Black nail varnish always takes me back to my teenage years, but add a bit of glitter to it & you've instantly got the festive vibe as opposed to a gothic vibe! I love this polish in particular as it dries so quickly & doesn't take an hour of scrubbing of your nails to get it off.

Essie - Bahama Mama
This shade is my perfect Autumn colour. I love how it completes any outfit & isn't too in-your-face being a darker red. Don't get me wrong, a bright red is never far away, but I do favour a burgandy nearer Christmas time!

Essie - Bahama Mama & Barry M - Pink Glitter
Who can resist adding a bit of glitter to their nails at Christmas time? Not me, that's for sure! I love making my nails look festive & a glitter top coat does just that.

ELF - Dark Navy
& when I can't be bothered to wait for a base coat to dry to add a glitter top coat, grabbing a nail polish that is already sparkly, does the trick! This one I've had for years & I haven't worn it for ages, but wanted a darker shade for Christmas parties. I actually adore the formula of ELF polishes, they always seem to last a long time & are so easy to apply. 

What are you wearing on your nails this December? : )